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New Clients Start Here

Please be sure to read and complete all paperwork, forms, and the Basic Wellness Guidelines Video prior to booking.

Defining Our Relationship

This document defines our relationship as we work together and describes my reimbursement system based on the gift economy.  Please read carefully and sign and date to show me that you understand and agree.

Health/Symptom Tracker

Use this excel sheet to track your symptoms and progress.  I also recommend keeping a notebook of your progress and a folder of all lab tests and imaging you ever have done.  Start where it says "symptom 1" by replacing the text with the symptom you would like to track.  Do the same for each symptom that you are working on.  Also, please rate the columns I have already filled out so we can track your general progress over time. 

Basic Wellness Guidelines

Please watch this video in it's entirety.  It is about 2 hours long so feel free to break it up into sections as needed.  This will give you a solid foundation of the lifestyle factors that are necessary for great health, get a head-start on making changes, and learn what it's like to work on health naturally.

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