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Defining Our Relationship: List

Defining Our Relationship

Please read this document carefully and electronically sign below so that I know you agree, are committing to your health, and understand the pay structure I am using.

Defining our relationship as we work together

Please be advised that while I am a Naturopathic Doctor, I am not working with you in a doctor patient relationship.  I am not diagnosing any diseases and am not treating any of your diseases.  My role is as a health and transformation consultant only, as I will be guiding you on the ways to best improve overall wellness.  Any supplement or lifestyle changes that we discuss are for educational purposes so that you may make the best informed decisions possible.

By submitting this form you agree to this relationship when working together.


Please read the below statement and commit to your health

(Health does not improve without seriously wanting it and no one can fix you other than yourself.  Health only evolves out of one's commitment to making it happen.)


I will promptly consider the information Derrick Schull, ND provides me and take action.  I am no longer willing to allow my health to degenerate and cause me suffering.  I will be pro-active, diligent, and fully committed to the work it takes to transform my health.  I will be my own health advocate.  I will work closely with my doctor(s) to request laboratory testing, discuss treatment options, and build a team of qualified health practitioners to help ME manage my own health.

By submitting this form you agree to the above statement.


Payment Structure

Please understand that payment is expected at time of service via either PayPal or Venmo.


Fee Schedule:  $200 per hour

An initial consultation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how much you want to get into, how complex your history is, and how much needs to be explained based on current knowledge and questions. 

Follow up visits are typically much shorter, but can be upwards of 1-2 hours if the most complex cases. 

The goal is always to get you the best care possible to meet your budget.  Therefore, I ask that you schedule the amount of time you would like to take and we will agree to spend exactly that amount of time.  If you have a lower budget, we can work with smaller chunks of time, but with the awareness that getting results will take longer as a result.  If you have a larger budget we can get a comprehensive view from the beginning and will have a faster and more efficient route to getting results.  Find your balance and we will make an agreement that works for you.

I also bill for the time it takes me to answer emails, voicemails, etc.  If it takes you 5 seconds to write an email or message and 5 seconds for me to respond to it, then I likely won't bother with billing.  But once I am reading, contemplating, and thoughtfully responding to inquiries with existing clients, I do keep track of my time and bill out accordingly ($200/hour = $3/minute).


In order to make the most efficient use of time and resources I recommend listening to "My Philosophy on Healing" and watching my video "Basic Wellness Guidelines" so that you have a solid foundational understanding of my approach and can start implementing basic changes (that take time to show results).  This way there will be fewer questions that need answering with billable time.

Also, I highly recommend you keep careful notes or possibly record our sessions together so that if you have any questions about my recommendations you have something to refer to, rather than spending more money on having me repeat myself via email or phone, or having me put together your instructions document for you. 

I do offer a service for obtaining low cost supplements if desired.  I can order any supplements wholesale (typically %50 of the MSRP) and have them drop shipped directly.  You are responsible for the cost and shipping as well as my time for putting together the order (typically 15 minutes).  This can result in substantial supplement savings if purchasing larger quantities.

By submitting this form you understand and agree to the payment structure above.


Thank you for working with me!

Thanks for committing and signing!

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