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My Story

I was born and raised in rural parts of Connecticut where I grew up taking many adventures exploring nature and discovering the oddities that make up the world as we know it.  As with all of us, since the innocence of childhood, life has been full of ups and downs and many challenges.  I remember some dark years as a teenager when I quickly became overweight, depressed, and seriously introverted (a real health catastrophy!)  In fact, this is really what got me started in healthcare.  As a late teenager I knew I needed to do something about the health of my mind and body and began to research diet and nutrition.  I am excited to share with folks that I was able to transform myself from an obese teen with a fatty liver and significant depression, to a lean, vibrant, healthy soul.  Really, this was the beginning of a lifelong journey into understanding how our bodies and minds work and what it means to live a healthy existence. 

This passion has led me to studying naturopathic medicine, which includes:  nutrition, exercise, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nature therapy, massage, manual therapies (like chiropractic), and vitalism.  I've taken it upon myself to further study craniosacral therapy, spiritual practices, biophysics, laser therapies, neurofeedback, shamanism, reiki, and a host of other tools (collectively referred to as integrative energy medicine) used to facilitate health and healing.  I have spent many years in medical training and clinical practice refining how to help people heal themselves; with a little help from our allies from the natural world.

Today, I remain committed to the practices that keep me functioning at my best and I encourage my clients to do the same.  For me, this means ample time spent playing in nature, hiking, walking, exploring, camping, climbing trees, eating the diet that is best for me, creating new culinary delights, getting ample sleep, seeking knowledge, crafting herbal remedies, removing stress from my life, playing music, attending live music events, connecting to the spirituality practices that resonate with me, playing disc golf, traveling the world, yoga, meditation, exploring consciousness, or in short... filling my time with the things that nourish me.  As I tell everyone, "The quickest route to optimal health is to do the things that nourish you as an individual, commit to this now and the rest becomes much easier."

Naturopathic Doctor

Integrative Somatic Release Facilitator

Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner

Health coach and wellness consultant

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