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I find most folks are less interested in hearing me blab on about myself and really want to know, "What is it like to work with him and can he help me?"  So I'm going to let some of my past patients answer that one for you:

Dr. Schull, I want to express my gratitude for your expertise.  As I look back at my journey with you, I see myself 40 lbs. heavier, anxiety through the roof, and taking enough antidepressants to keep anyone in a continual fog.  Through your recommendations I have been able to regain control of my life, lose a significant amount of weight, and come off all my prescription medications.  I finally feel like myself and can engage in a normal life again.  Thanks for all that you do.

Scott L. / Consultant

"I have been a patient of Dr. Schull's for a couple of years now.  When I first started working with him I was in a very dark place.  My anxiety had taken over my everyday life activities and I was reaching my breaking point.  He immediately provided me a sense of comfort and reassurance.  All of our visits were very thorough and ever time I left his office or phone consult I felt improvement.  The journey of healing anxiety is not always linear, but Derrick was there to guide me through every up and down.  He has helped me heal my body in more ways than one.   I learned to listen to what my body is telling me and to become more intuitive about how I am feeling.  Dr. Schull's help and guidance throughout my journey with anxiety has changed my life for the better."

Alexis L. / Student

"I highly recommend Dr. Schull. He is a very attentive clinician. He listens and asks questions into how you are feeling to uncover the root cause. He has helped me to be at my optimal health.  I have referred over ten of my closest friends to him, and all have raved about how smart and helpful he has been for them as well. 


Dr. Schull has developed a wonderful two month Microbiome Reset Program, which was not only very educational, but improved my digestion and has had lasting effects on the foods I now eat. My digestion has never been better.


In addition, he has brought alignment to my neck and spine and helped remove all inflammation in my body.  I am grateful for my improved health under his care."

Deborah P. / Registered Nurse

"I started treatment with Dr. Schull for a foot injury - I overdid it and crammed too much activity into a 5 day period (running, working with weights, heavy yard work). The pain was excruciating, and I have a high pain tolerance, and it was worse than my perforated appendix - which lead to an appendectomy. I was looking for a clinician that was going to give me the straight scoop, spend some time getting me healed and not respond with cortisone treatment - that was Dr. Schull. He listened to my "story" and in turn examined me and then explained exactly what the injury was and the best approach to treatment. His focus was healing my injury and getting me back to my normal activities as soon as reasonably possibly. Dr. Schull is a great listener, really understands and explains the science of the human body and corresponding treatment and is both interested and cares about his patients. I'm a software engineer by profession and I always need the data and the facts. I would highly recommend Dr. Schull for both the treatment of injury and prescribing of holistic anti-inflammatory/pain and healing agents."

Mark G. / Athlete

"I was recommended to Dr. Schull by a friend of mine and have not been disappointed. I was looking for a naturopath that could work with me to better my health, be patient with all of my questions, and talk with me, not to me. Dr. Schull has been all of that and more. He is a wealth of knowledge and has always taken the time (at least 60-90 minutes per office visit) to explain all the remedies, supplements, techniques used and how they could benefit me. He was always willing to listen to what I thought I knew and what I had been doing for my health. One of the  best things Dr. Schull offers is his wide variety of healing modalities- cranial sacral, muscle testing, and energy healing to name a few. However, as he’s told me time and time again, you have to heal your gut - most, if not all dis-ease starts there. He is always expanding his knowledge on helping people heal naturally. His quiet demeanor and easy going personality makes you feel valued and heard. I would highly recommend calling him anytime for a consultation and appointment."

Janet H. / Reiki Practitioner

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