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Mental Heath Missing Pieces - "Electrosmog"

Over the last 30-40 years, humans have been developing more and more technology that utilizes energy waves to transfer information. Cell phones and cordless phones were some of the first to quickly become part of society on a massive scale. Later, wifi, blue tooth, smart meters and other devices that communicate information via energy signals became widespread. Today, we all live in environments saturated by wifi signals, 4G networks, and other technologies that create electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Furthermore, the research on the effects of these wavelengths in our atmosphere is accumulating. What is the research saying about this EMR?

Electromagnetic fields are a significant environmental pollutant as they are capable of disrupting many processes in the body.

One of the best educated on this topic is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD (one of the most competent physicians when it comes to treating chronic neurological conditions. He has released a youtube video on this topic that is well worth the watch and absolutely essential for anyone who is considering getting pregnant (within it he explains how this is a major factor for healing autism):

Major sources of EMF:

Cell Phones and Cell Towers

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

Cordless phones

Smart Meters Tetra Network (used by police and fire professionals)


Can we test for this?

We can utilize autonomic response testing to assess the body and determine if EMFs are causing significant stress to the body. Also, there are many professionals who have the equipment to evaluate your home and find areas in the home where EMFs are particularly high.

How to mitigate exposure to EMF:

Eliminate any cordless phones (go back to corded)

Turn off fuses in your house at night (circuit breaker)

Have your "Smart Meter" replaced

Only use your cell phone when there is a good signal

Only use cell phone on "speaker" (do not put it up to your head)

Instead of wifi, go back to hard wired internet connections (at minimum turn off wifi router for sleep)

If home or office is near cell towers you can consider specialized paint and curtains that will reflect the cell radiation and prevent it from getting in your home.

Use LED lights in the home (no compact fluorescent at all!)

At the minimum, remove all electronics from the bedroom when sleeping at night!

Get assessed for and eliminate any heavy metals from the body (especially Mercury and amalgam as these potentiate effects of EMR).

Eat more mushrooms in your diet (these are protective against EMR)

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