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Health Overhaul Program Course Content

Hi and thanks for joining my growing group of microbiomists! (Yes, I did just make that word up.)  We are a community of health conscious individuals who are passionate about learning and employing lifestyle changes to maximize their health and potential to enjoy the best life possible.  You are going to love what you learn the the results you achieve in this program.

For questions you can email me at

If you haven't already done so, make sure to fill out the microbiome quiz.  This will give you some data to know where you started with your symptoms.  Be sure to take the quiz again after the program to see how far you have come.  This is an important tool in understanding your progress and identifying trouble areas that may need additional support for resolution down the line.

Next, it's time to grab a notebook and a pen so you can start taking notes.  You should print out the resources for the program down below so that you can follow along (and know when you do not need to take notes).  The diet and lifestyle diary is optional, but I highly recommend you use this or another means to keep track of what you are doing daily for the best results.

Program Introduction

Now that you get the idea, it's time to keep watching!  But first, take a break!  The mind can only focus on and digest information for about 45 minutes.  So, go grab a tea, take a walk, or come to the next video another day altogether.  When you're ready to focus again watch this next one on the diet changes for the first month.  If you are ready for a microbiome analysis and customized diet plan, check out  the links to the right (no affiliation).

Diet Month 1 (stage 1)

Now that you know the diet we are following in the first month and beyond, it is time to start preparing your pantry.  When it comes to the foods you already have at home that are not part of the diet, you have three options:  throw it out, give it away, or finish it fast.  I do not recommend the finish it fast method as this will only strengthens addictions to certain foods.  Use the links and resources below to build up your new pantry and start getting ideas for meals.

If you need additional recipes you can always search the web for tons of free recipes, or you can pick up a great cookbook such as the one below (this one is mostly beneficial in stage 2):

Pasture raised meats 
(Northeast U.S.)
Pantry items / snacks
Be sure to watch the Supplements Stage 1 lecture prior to ordering your supplements.

These next videos provide further information to help you understand why we are doing what we are doing and why we are using certain supplements.  I get into further lifestyle changes that are necessary to completely transform gut health, the microbiome, as well as overall health.  You have enough info to get started on the reset so I encourage you to do so and consume these next videos gradually so that you can implement more change gradually.

Stage 2 Specific Content

Watch the below videos for stage 2 of the reset.  Start them in weeks 3-4 so you can start the re-introduction phase of the elimination diet and get your Stage 2 supplements ordered.
Diet Stage 2
Supplements Stage 2

Watch this video for stage 3 / post-reset

In week 8 of the program watch this final lecture on continuing with a healthy lifestyle and digging deeper on your health issues after the program.
Healthy Life & Going Deeper

Congratulations!  You have finished the program! 

Remember:  maintaining your results is about a commitment to healthy living :)

By now you are well on your way to better health in every aspect of your life.  As I mentioned, this is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to better health.  You know have the tools and knowledge to obtain and maintain outstanding health.  You started the program by taking the microbiome quiz, take a moment now to re-take the quiz and see how far you have come.  I also recommend re-taking the quiz again in another 2 months once you have committed to another 2 months of a healthy lifestyle.  It makes a great tracking guide so you can see your progress over time.

For many this is the end, they are feeling great and now know how to keep themselves in their best health.  However, sometimes things are much more complicated and working with a professional is needed to get further progress.

I would love to hear more about your successes and struggles.  Please write a review of the program and e-mail to me at:

If you would like to setup a quick 15 minute chat about what the best direction for you to go in next is then leave me some days and times you are available in that e-mail.

Lastly, don't forget to give a payment for this program.  As mentioned in the beginning, I do all of my work in a results driven economy.  Please take a moment to feel into how much gratitude you have for going through this program.  Take a look at the results you have achieved, where your health is at compared to before the program.  Think of your own financial situation and ultimately come up with an amount you would like to give.  Please then make that payment through either PayPal or Venmo by clicking the appropriate link below.  Much Gratitude :)


Thank you so much for participating and I look forward to serving you further on your path to your best health ever!

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