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Derrick Schull, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Health Coach, Shaman, Energy Healer, Transformation Facilitator

Derrick is an experienced naturopathic doctor who's passion for facilitating life-long transformation with his patients and clients has led him down a different kind of path.  He utilizes his naturopathic knowledge and years of experience as a doctor to coach others on lifestyle changes, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and other natural ways to reach optimal wellness.  His deep interest and constant learning in the vast array of healing methods practiced throughout the world and throughout time allows him to integrate his scientific knowledge with lesser known modalities to co-create profound changes in the lives of his clients. 

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Holistic Services

Addressing Mind, Body, & Spirit

Individualized Nutrition/Dietary Guidance

We each have unique dietary needs based on our current health, morals, access to food, and goals.  What we put in our body has a massive impact on how that body functions and manifests.  In a nutritional consultation we discuss current dietary choices, search for nutritional deficiencies, recommend functional laboratory testing, and create a doable game-plan for changing how you eat.  Once we are consuming the optimal diet for us, many of our health issues simply vanish.

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Through a deep exploration of your story of suffering and physical symptoms, we are able to better understand the cycles and unique expression of your health issues.  Homeopathic remedies are then matched to your individual state and administered to help shift the mind and body into a state of balance and self-healing.  A properly selected remedy will help you achieve deep and lasting change in your life.

Energy Body Sessions

True health and wellness comes when we are able to find the root cause of illness and suffering and resolve it for good.  Derrick will assess your physical and energy body to discover where you are out of balance, organs that are struggling, and the major obstacles to overcome for deep healing.  Through this exploration there are often stuck emotions discovered, old traumas released, and messages about how to best regain health are received.  This process has helped many find new clarity on the reasons for their suffering, make major shifts, and find their path to their best life.

What you will experience

Medical Intuition


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Divination

Elemental Healing

Herbal Medicine

Herb and Supplement Recommendations

Herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other supplements can make a major difference.  Part of your consultation will include the best indicated, most researched, science based recommendations for achieving your wellness goals.

Reflex Biofeedback Testing

Derrick developed this system after years of practicing autonomic response testing and adapting it to his style.  It utilizes muscle testing through surrogation as a method to identify the most stressed organs of the body and exactly which remedies will improve their function.  It is a great tool to quickly asses what is working and not working for an individual.

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

Consultations are exclusively via Zoom

(503) 369-7824

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